The New Year's Post

Because it's that time of year, right?

I love fresh starts, new years (and their resolutions) included. I mentioned on Instagram how I'm focusing on establishing new habits and living according to "who I want to be" at the end of the year as opposed to setting large goals I can check off as done. While I do think those kinds of clearly outlined and accomplishable (check-off-able?) goals are really effective, I want to use goals in the measurable/achievable/time-restricted sense for my smaller scale goals and sparingly this year. Just feels right and seems to be what I need right now.

Can I chat with you about this blog a little? I promise I'll be brief and to-the-point, cross my heart.

I started this blog because I wanted to share creative parts of myself, specifically writing, and be braver about putting myself out there, come what may. Brene Brown would be so proud, right? Vulnerability, baby.

While I know professional blogging is a thing, that kind of schedule is not what I want for me or this blog right now. I mean, that's kind of obvious from its history, but just to make it clear I won't be running this like a blog that wants to be famous or monetarily rewarding either (according to all the internet experts). But I won't stop writing either, still sharing in a way that feels right for this season of my life. I'll post when I want/can, about what I feel like sharing, still pushing myself creatively even if it's a little uncomfortable for me. I'll try to post more often, but won't apologize for not posting regularly because I know we don't owe that to each other...just like I don't expect you apologizing for not reading regularly. We are living our vibrant & beautiful lives outside this space called the internet, and we've got things to DO, yo!

My stance on the status of this blog might change someday, I don't know...but for now, this is just where I'm at with this space and I'm happy about it.

Aaaaand I know I just talked about not feeling pressure to post regularly, but here's the thing: I've got to get over some mental blocks and chronic over-thinking when it comes to writing and posting SOOoo for the next few weeks, I'll be posting daily. It's my immersion exercise! You know, where you immerse yourself in things your scared of or that make you uncomfortable to wear it down into something that's not a big deal anymore? Bring on the flurry of posts and my dis-comfort zone. *fist bump*

Also, this post here? It's day one.


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