What Are Your Little Mottos?

Do you have sentences to mutter to yourself in special circumstances when you need a reminder of your values? Or to talk yourself through a tough decision in a frazzled moment?
...Just me talking to myself creepily under my breath?? Okay, then.

I love hearing other people's little life mantras, for lack of a better term, that they tell themselves or try to live up to. Borrowed or made up, I think every one has inspiring reasons for choosing the one-liner reminders that they do.

This time of year is rife with people choosing new themes or words for the new year ahead...or brushing off old ones that have taken on new meaning for a new season of life. Since my mind is hanging out in that space already, I'm going to share several that show up in my life allllll the time and why. They're not fancy or creative or even phrased well for someone who likes words, but they work <shrug> And I guess that's all that really counts, right!? (say yes so I feel like less of a nerd for sharing these cheesy things, k thanks.)

"Do more things that make you forget to check your phone."
     This one is not an original phrase, it's borrowed from...umm...internet Pinterest pictures, I think!? But since it expresses exactly how I remind myself where to invest my time and energy, I adopted it.       Without fail, when I am investing time and attention into off-line pursuits that are rewarding AND investing my emotional energy into connecting with real people in real life, I inevitably forget about my phone.   
     If I find myself unusually twitchy and attached to my phone during the day or find myself checking it too frequently (and dare-I-say compulsively...?), I say this little phrase to myself. Then I get my phone off my person and far away, and do something proven to make me forget about it like reading a good book, laughing with my kids, or investing in a face-to-face visit with a friend.

"Be here, be present. Do one thing at a time; do this moment well."
     Real talk: I'm not a great multi-tasker, pretty sure I have undiagnosed ADHD (not making a joke), and as a result constantly feel mentally scattered. If I try and multitask several things at once, I end up doing none of it well...or not even finishing things at all! So I repeat this to myself when I need to stop my racing mind (and well, my racing-around whole self, to be honest) from jumping back and forth and just focus on doing the task at hand with care and attention...then move to the next task.

"Do it anyway. I can be the person I choose to be, no matter what."
     This goes back to my life theme, the quote by Mother Theresa that I'll link here that reminds me to do the good things anyway.
      It's my behaviour that I answer for at the end of the day, so when I'm struggling with the bad habit of reacting or blaming others for the way I'm acting, I come back and remind myself of this. It gets me taking back my power to choose to be an honest, kind, and brave person even when I'm being treated dishonestly, unkindly, and as less-than.

"Own my part."
     This is may be an extension of the last one; I remind myself of this when I'm tempted to blame and relinquish my personal responsibility or power in any given situation, but particularly conflict. It's about reminding myself of my agency, my self awareness, and not to play the victim.
     While I think about this one a lot in messy situations like disagreements and recognizing that I always have a part in the mess, it also helps when I'm being tempted to take on someone else's problems in the effort to be "helpful." This phrase helps me clarify what's mine to take on and when it's only my job to support someone in owning their own part.

"Forget Yourself and Listen."
     When I am nervous, anxious, or uncomfortable in social situations, my default is to talk about myself. BUT, luckily this phrase saves me from social ruin. Ha! When I'm feeling anxious, it's usually because I'm worried about how I will appear or be perceived or perform...so I just remind myself to forget about myself for right now and just listen. Usually to others, in conversation, but also just tuning in to the climate and energy of my environment, too, when my thoughts get super self-centred and focused inward in an unhealthy way.

There you have it! 5 of my little life mantras or mottos or one-liner-reminders. I actually can think of a few more, but maybe I'll save them for another time when you might need to hear more about how I talk to myself. Ha!

What are a few of your little life mottos that you try to live up to?


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