One Sweet Baby

I had planned to share some photos taken this week, just random things...
I couldn't stop thinking about the little wrist rolls and tiny toes of my friend's newest sweet addition. She let me snap some pictures while visiting and I had to share them. I thought that sharing that one picture would do....but, alas, must share more baby.

After all, nothing makes the world sweeter for all of us than a perfect little life, all brand new. And we're all about celebrating those kinds of sweet, beautiful things around here.

(Warning: this maaay make you want to have more teeny babies. Or at least hold one. Sorry, not sorry.)

What I should have said was: I now want more babies. Ha!
Congratulations, W and C! She is perfect.


  1. She IS perfect, and these are beautiful, Laura! I can't handle it how much she looks like my #1 as a baby. Time for another visit with this little one because oh so yes, she makes you "at least" want to hold one.

  2. Well if I wasn't already baby hungry (and I AM!!) then I am definitely baby starving now!

  3. STOP! No more cute baby pictures allowed. Seriously.

    What a darling... sigh.


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