October Goal

Helloooo, October!

It's a new month! Which also means a new goal or focus in My Healthiest Year Yet Challenge...

My goal for October is: Wake up at 6am every weekday.

This will be my time to exercise and have some spiritual quiet time to pray and study scripture...but since that's not my specific focus, I'll still consider this month a success if all I can manage to do is get out of bed and sit at the kitchen table in zoned-out silence until my kids wake up. Ha!

I originally was going to make October my month to concentrate on some serious exercise goals...but after reflecting on it, I decided to slow it down a bit and start with the habit of simply being awake early enough to do it. Baby steps! Once I've acquired the good habit of making the space and time to exercise, and just doing something (anything!) exercisey, then I can focus on being more intentional with my fitness goals.

How does this fit in to My Healthiest Year Yet?

In general, all the information you'll read on waking up early points to pretty awesome benefits: everything from being more productive (quiet hours to plan and get a head-start on the day), to eating healthier (more time to prepare a nutritious breakfast), to being more likely to exercise (get it done early in the day, less likely to be pushed aside later on), to getting a more restful sleep (body more in synch with earth's circadian rhythms)...all leading to a more "successful life." Sounds pretty good to me!

Specific to my own life, though, I know that exercising and being "spiritually fed" make a huuuuge difference in my own mental/emotional/physical health. And I have also learned that if I don't get those things done first, they will often not get done at all. There are other things I would LOVE to be able to in the quiet of the morning, too (blog, write for fun, read books, edit photos)...but that would mean not sleeping at all, pretty much. So...I prioritize. Haha.

Also, the ideal is to have some alone time, but I have learned that my kids have a weird mom-radar that goes off when I'm awake and having a good time without them. Therefore, they MUST ALSO be awake. Argh. I'm hoping that they adjust and start staying asleep until their usual 6:30am...but if not, I still plan to be up for the day with a little extra time to do a few push-ups with them sitting on my back, read a few special scriptures out loud while snuggling them in the light of the rising sun. I'll have to remind myself that just because it's not "perfect" doesn't mean it's not worth it.

Here's to a new goal and new month! Remember that you are always welcome to jump right in with me...every month is a fresh start!

-I chat about September's goal here and here.


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  1. My children seem to have a mom-is-awake radar, too. I read an article in the Ensign about going to bed early and getting up early, which is why I read the book "The Miracle Morning" and that has really helped me actually wake up and be productive. Such a good goal!

    1. That book sounds good! I'm going to track it down, thank you! I need all the inspiration/motivation I can get!


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