September Goal

Photos from last year's Whole30

My September Goal: Complete a successful Whole30.
I figure it's an appropriate kick-off to My Healthiest Year Yet!

I'm doing it with a friend (Hi, Erica!) and we are going to kick September's butt with all our yummy whole-food-eating this month. Bring on the Instagram food photos! Sorry not sorry.

The Whole30 (my third round!) is one of those goals that is not exactly sustainable long-term, but has always proven to make lasting, healthy changes in the way I eat and think about food...especially in helping me eat more nutrient-dense veggies! Yum. And since I have done it in September of the past three years, I figure it's tradition now.

Since it's my third round, I'm 'making it my own' with some adjustments: I have never felt super-comfortable with all the animal protein (SO much!) I consume during the 30 days, so I won't be including meat/eggs in EVERY meal. The meals where I don't, I will add extra fruits/veggies/nuts/seeds/healthy-fats...and will probably end up with a piece of fruit as a snack between meals (I found that I would get hungry between meals when I didn't have an egg or meat of some kind). I plan to eat more animal protein in the first two weeks to replenish nutrient stores, and then taper off the meat consumption as I see fit.

But otherwise, I'm sticking to the no grains, dairy, or added sweeteners or artificial preservatives part! I have always seen good things come of taking a break from those and I'm so excited to feel the positive changes happening in my body. Bring on the afternoon energy!!!

Also, I'm excited to have a good excuse to eat this amazing Shepherd's Pie, all the live-long day. I'm drooling.


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