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I love the idea of keeping a journal for my kids. I love that it gives me a way to describe how much I adore them. I love that it's something they can look back on, to understand more about how awesome they were when they were little.

But! Here are some things I know about me: I just can't make an in-depth record that chronicles every detail of their lives. I like simple and casual. If I made things too complicated, I would not do it. Also, I like photos and need an excuse to print more of them.

It's taken some time to figure out  but this way of recording their history seems to be working for me. It's casual, picture-crazy, a little goofy, and fun to do. Win-win!

The pictures are just printed on plain printer paper so they glue into their existing journals easily. I've used regular (acid-free!) glue sticks and the little double-sided strips of scrapbooking sticky tape to fasten photos to the page, and both work great...though I have yet to see which one truly stands the test of time. I write to the kids like it's a letter, and I draw on and around their pictures with words and doodles that add meaning. It's seriously so fun!

Fun + Simple = Something I Enjoy Maintaining.

What about you? Do you love the idea of journaling for your kids? Do you have different ways of recording their memories? What works for you? Do share! I love new ideas!


  1. Love this! I too am now "addicted" to recording my children's lives and our family's comings and goings. I wasn't sure where to start back in 2008, but I did. Even though some of my children had already by then left home. I still take some of their news they send our way {with pictures} and include it all in our "Family History". I find it faster and simpler for me to blog it. I can drag photos into a post rather than print and paste actual photos like I use to do. I can type faster than write.. like I use to do. Our blog is private of course, with a select group of friends and family being invited...but that's not what I do it for. It really is my journal, and our family's history. At first they thought I was a crazy woman with a camera and wasn't sure if this record keeping was good for my health. lol. But now THEY are into it also. Making sure I don't forget camera, asking me to take certain photos of them, or just picking it up themselves in hopes that I include the photos they take. It's now become this HUGE family project. I get a thrill when I see the actual book printed at the end of each year and go back and flip the pages...reminding me of those things I quickly forgot about. Reminding me that no matter what...we are family .......and we are still getting through it! Whatever that "it" may be.

    I truly loved your post. You are so right. Start them young. Let them see how important journalling is. More importantly ....let them see how important THEY are to you. ; )

    1. What a great idea! And I love that your kids appreciate your efforts me hope! Haha!

  2. Laura, I just love the simplicity of this.

    I have FAILED at my journalling / scrapbooking attempts. I keep saying I want to print all those photos out and at least put them in an album but I NEVER get around to it. This looks like it would be so easy to maintain.

    Thanks for sharing.


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