15 (Unusual) Ways to Brighten Your Day

This week has been pretty heavy for me. It's had me thinking about (and jotting down) the simple, often-silly things that make me smile, even on a tough day. These are a few of my favourite ways to add a little sunshine to your day. Happy Monday!

1. Smile at yourself in the mirror.
          No, seriously. The act itself releases endorphins...and then you get a genuine laugh with yourself about how funny you look, standing in the bathroom, smiling at yourself. HA!

2. Go outside. 
          Smell the grass, feel the wind, jump in a rain puddle. Just do something to connect with the outdoors.
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3. Buy yourself a flower.
          Even if you think flowers are pointless. Just enjoy that little piece of pretty for what it is.

4. Make a quick list of 10 things you are grateful for.
          The first 10 things that come to mind. Keep going if you want, but get at least 10 down.

5. Colour a page from a colouring book.
         Or scribble a bunch of lines and fill in the spaces with colours. Old school. Awesome school. Oddly therapeutic.

6. Write a letter to a friend. 
          Make sure it includes at least one funny stick-man drawing.

7. Plant something.
          I heard recently that there's actually something about digging in the dirt that releases "happy" hormones...or something like that. I believe it.

8. Listen to your favourite song from junior high or high school.
          You know that one that you know word-for-word, still? Blast it and sing it, baby. Here's one of mine (oldy but goody, right??).

9. Take a bag and collect 15 things to donate.
          Do it fast, tie the bag in a knot, and take it to your car right after you're done. Feel good.

10. Jump on the bed.
          No one's watching. Just this once...

11. Sprint. 
          Run as fast as you can. Race someone, if that makes it less weird for you. Total adrenaline rush.

12. Make cookies and deliver them to your neighbour.
          Make a friend. Cheer up an old one. Welcome someone new. Make sure you eat a bit of cookie dough, too.

13. Stretch and breathe deeply.
          Because OXYGEN. Best drug ever.

14. Read part of a book out loud, reader's theatre style.
          To your kid, your dog, yourself. Whatevs.

15. Give a friend a quick call just to tell them something you love and appreciate about them.
          Need a script? "Nothing's wrong and I'm not dying, but I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate how you always ______________. It's one of the things that makes you so awesome. Have a great day!" IF you're feeling chicken, or hate the phone, text or write it out instead. Just say it one way or another.


  1. These are great, Laura!

  2. Hi Laura! I don't know you-your mom invited me to read your blog. I was friends with Jocelyn in Edmonton. I just want to say I am really enjoying your blog. You really inspire me and you really have a talent for writing. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. Hey Laura, I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate how you always look for the silver lining and the sunshine behind the clouds. It's one of the things that makes you so awesome.

    Great post Laura. I love this list. Oh and one more thing... HUGS! (Lots of them).

    1. Baahaha! Thanks for making me laugh, and feel all warm and fuzzy, Jennifer!
      And thanks for the hugs. I love hugs. :)


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