Closet Refresh

Need a little motivation to organize something this weekend? Because I do.
So...this post is a little selfish.

This is my reminder that it looks SO MUCH better when you just do something about it. "It" being the MESS. We can't do much as renters, but even small changes in organization make a big difference...(so, hear that, Laura?).

Also, Winter needed an official farewell. I packed up the winter stuff a few weeks ago, painted the poor little broken dresser that functions so perfectly right there that I can't get rid of it, and bought and labeled bins for all the odds and ends that collect there.

My favourite part was corralling all of this:

Into these:

(Those are dollar-store bins labeled with a Sharpie Oil-based Paint Marker.)

Aaaand we have always had a shoe situation at the bottom of the let's keep it real, here:

I don't know how to resolve this situation in a way that works for us adults, yet. Shoe shelves are too fussy. Maybe individual shoe baskets? Maybe.

Anyways, what are your weekend projects? Anything organize-y or decorate-y? Or just surviving it?


  1. Oooooh, someone got summer fever instead of spring fever! All of this cleaning and organizing has gotten me inspired!

    I LOOOOOOVE your buckets - cute!

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring Laura!

  2. We use a hanging shoe organizer... if that makes sense. It's little pockets that hang about 3 feet long.. They don't look great, but we can keep a LOT of shoes in our closet without them being thrown on the floor. Then I have a little wicker basket for our kids shoes because they are so small.


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