10 Reasons Why Having 3 Kids is Awesome

Disclaimer: I am in no way judging anyone for having less or more than three kids. I could write an equally silly-yet-true list as to why none/one/two/ten kids are just as awesome as three. Let's, together then, just celebrate why three is a great number. Party on!

Dear Kid,
Remember that time when you told me you just wanted to be you, all by yourself? I get it. Some days it would be so nice to just have every little bit of mom's attention and craziness to call entirely your own. However, in case you need some reminding, someday, about why being one of three kids is SO AWESOME, here's a list for you to refer to when needed.

Love you more than chocolate chip cookies,

Reasons Why Having Three Kids in the Family is AWESOME:

1. Everybody can have a sibling rivalry AND still have a buddy. Rivalries can rotate! One day you can hate one and love the other...the next day, vice versa. It means you are constantly able to have the best of both worlds: Siblings are the worrrrst! ...AND...Siblings are built-in-best-friends! Have a fight with your sister? It's okay! You've got another one!

2. Having three kids forces mom to chill out. She only has two hands! Kids outnumber the adults! It stands to reason, therefore, that having three kids is where parents may finally get humbled enough to realize they can't control everything. So they start choosing their battles wisely, letting the silly things go, and generally becoming parents that are cool with admitting that they don't have to have it all figured out to be good parents.

3. Someone finally gets to have middle-child syndrome! At last! There's more than just the bossy oldest and spoiled youngest; now someone finally gets to plead out as being constantly overlooked and under-appreciated. It's a much-needed demographic in adult society... (Who would actually get the work done while the oldest children delegate and youngest children whine?)

4. You get to practice getting along with more than one person in a sibling context. You get to learn how to love (and deal with) multiple personalities in that "stay-out-of-my-room" kind of way. If you're lucky, you'll get one aggressive sibling and one passive-aggressive sibling so you'll be totally prepared to handle whatever life throws at you, like a pro.

5. There are greater chances for your future children to have fun cousins to play with. If one sibling and their spouse only produce weird kids, at least there's some hope that your other sibling and their spouse will at least give your kids some sweet insta-cousin-friends.

6.  Everybody can get a turn being the peacemaker on the outside, instead of just always having to be actually involved in the sibling fight. Two siblings can duke it out, and the third can talk them through it without every needing to involve mom and dad at all... (snicker, giggle, sneaky-noise...)

7. You get to learn that life isn't always fair. When there were two kids, mom and dad could buy two of everything to keep the peace, always managing to even the playing field between one kid and the other. But now that there's three? There are suddenly less matching toys, and more furrowed-brow lectures on how "you don't always get what someone else has." Pfffft. Life may not be fair...but really, even if it looks like you're not the favourite kid, at least you've got another non-favourite kid to help you play pranks on the favoured one...

8. You learn your fractions better; you get reeeeeally good at cutting the last cookie into THREE EXACTLY EVEN pieces. Thirds! Math genius. Cutting in halves is for amateurs. Also, lesson in #7 is not sinking in any time soon.

9. You get to own the minivan. Three kids usually necessitates a larger, non-cool vehicle. This will be important to your character development. #humblepie

And last but not least...

10. You can get hugged from both sides. 'Nuff said.


  1. Hilarious, sweet, and awesome list... not awesome enough for me to have three kids though *wink*.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. Hahaha!!! Guess we'll have to make do with the fabulously adorable mini Jennifers we already have! ;)

  2. Great list! I come from a family of three, so wanting three kids comes pretty natural to me. And you are definitely right about number one. Some days my brother and I were teamed up against my sister, other days it was my sister and I against my brother...and still sometimes, they teamed up against me. :) Even if I have three kids some day though, I WILL NOT succumb to the mini van! :)

    1. My hubby feels VERY strongly about minivans as well...so I might just have to get a reeeeally ugly station wagon instead...HA!

  3. As a mommy to 3 I completely agree!!


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