A Little Inspiration

You guys! I promise that I have not fallen off the face of the earth. We have been playing hard and long on these glorious Summer days, soaking up as much of it as we can. On second thought, you probably haven't even noticed my absence because you've been doing the same! Woohoo Summer!
So, yeah...never mind...forget I said anything, nothing to see here.
Carrying on...

In the meantime, a photo... and a few things that have inspired me lately.

From our trip to the west coast this past weekend. Woohoo ocean!

-Need the PERFECT recipe for ribs? This one is it. Menu planning is on my mind at the moment...and this one is always on the list of possibilities.

-I was travelling with my hubby this weekend, shooting a couple weddings. I loved scanning these posts from one of my favourite blogs for healthy travel tips! This post....and this post.

-A friend of mine started a blog about her weight-loss and getting-healthier journey! I am so excited to follow along, I'm totally inspired. Her blog is called The Last 100 Pounds.

(Can you tell I just got back from vacation? Planning and resuming my normal eating habits again are clearly on my mind...HA!)


  1. What a gorgeous picture Laura!

    Summer... it's just not long enough... especially in Alberta!

    I hope you continue to enjoy these glorious days.

    Wishing you a lovely week.


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