How Would You Spend Two Days to Yourself?

Okay, I need your help.

This photo is from a few years ago, but still a fave of me and my oldest baby. We both hit milestone birthdays this year!
Taken by the talented Esther Beazer.

I turned 30 yesterday (woohoo!). For my birthday, my parents, siblings, and husband ganged up and bought me a night away (plus the day on either side of the night) ALL BY MYSELF!!! No babies, no hubby! (I mean, I love them and all...)

So...almost two entire days, all to myself, to do whatever I want, when I want...PLUS a night where I can sleep the whole way through...AND sleep in as long as I want!

You guys, I might cry with joy. Also? I don't know what to do with myself!

So here's my question: how would YOU spend your days and night, if you could do whatever you wanted?

I'm looking for ideas here...and also just curious what you would choose to do. Pretend we're playing one of those email survey games that used to go around in the late 90's!
...How would you spend two days and a night all to yourself?


  1. Catch up on my family's blog. No question!! That's what I'd do. Happy Happy Birthday! What a lovely gift that was given to you.

    1. The thoughtfulness blew me away...they did well this year! Ha!

      Thank you!

  2. What an awesome gift! Can your family tell my family that I need a night away when I celebrate my 40th this year?!

    What would I do? Well, are you ready for this:

    1- I would treat myself to a fabulous dinner.
    2- I would take a long hot tub
    3- I would drink wine, eat chocolate, and watch a chick flick
    4- I would take another long hot tub.
    5- I go to bed whenever I want and probably peruse a cheap magazine.
    6- I would wake up when I felt ready to wake up
    7- Read my Bible and pray.
    8- I would have a nice light breakfast (I'm thinking croissant, fresh fruit, yogurt, and coffee)
    9- I would attend yoga class.
    10- Long hot shower
    11- Go for a massage
    12- Go out for a delicious lunch (fresh soup and sandwich)
    13- Take a hike somewhere scenic
    14- Write a blog post about my awesome two days

    Is that enough ideas for you? I should have wrote a blog post in response!

    Happiest of birthdays to you Laura. You deserve a fabulous time away and an amazing year.

    1. Thank you! And you should still totally do a blog post on it, Jennifer! I bet your readers would love it!

  3. Happy Birthday, Laura! I'd be reading and watching a "girly" movie of some sort, most likely of the Jane Austen variety. And there would most likely be chocolate involved. Have fun!


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