Garage Sale Find: Before and After

Full disclosure: I originally called this post "Pretty Stool Makeover"...but I could not get past the word "stool" without thinking of poop and giggling a little bit. Have I mentioned that I have a wide streak of humour in me that is about as grown up as a 9-year-old boy? Um, yeah. Now you know.

ANYWAYS. I found this stool (snort) at a garage sale this summer for FIFTY CENTS. Fifty cents! I grabbed it and ran, throwing money at the lady who was holding the garage sale before she could see how much I wanted it and charge me fifty dollars instead.

Also? To "redo" this stool, I touched up the legs with some glossy white enamel spray paint I had...and then? I was impatient, so I just cut the (CUTE Ikea) fabric around the size of the seat, and then---get this--- duct taped the fabric over the old stool seat for now. Quality internet tutorials everywhere are weeping. I am so, so sorry.

Above: Baby thought she was more interesting. I think she's right. :)

So, there you have it. Laziest makeover ever goes to me. I'm not proud. Well...maybe a little. It still works just fine and I spent verrrry little time making it happen. The seat really could use thicker foam, so I keep telling myself that one day, I will do it RIGHT...staple gun and everything. It makes me feel better about myself. ;) Ha!

Works perfectly as my perch for computer work, and tucks away beside the dresser-turned-credenza for the times when it doesn't need to be used. Thumbs up!

Have you got a lazy DIY story? If you do, I totally want to hear it!


  1. Oh this is the best! It's got to be in my top 3 favourite Essaie posts ever. Please update the blog when you decide to get foam for the seat and PLEASE call it Stool Softener. Bahahaha!

  2. This is awesome Laura! I love what you did with the stool... you gave it new life! LOL

    Yeah, I wouldn't have thought of stool that way but now that you mentioned it, I can't stop giggling.

    Looks fabulous! I love your home decor... looks like you have the same retro style as me.

    Wishing you well.


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