Whole30---Round Two!

There must be something in the air in September; I get the urge to throw everything out of my house. I suspect I am not alone in this; it's been suggested that maybe it's my Canadian brain, wanting to prepare the house for LOTS of inside time over the next several months. Makes sense to me! (Hello, eternal winter...)

Apparently I get the urge to throw everything out of my body, too... (Ew. That was a terrible comparison.)...because I suddenly felt the desire to do the Whole30 again. This is also the same time I did it last year! Ha. I talked a little about the first time I did it in my post on learning to eat healthier.

So...I began the Whole 30 again. Today is Day 6!

So far, so good! The second time around is definitely easier than my first time around, I have found. I have some tried-and-true recipes to draw on, and I had some pretty weird detox symptoms last time that I haven't experienced at all this time. I suspect it's because my habits changed pretty drastically (for the better!) after the last time I completed the Whole30...so this time it wasn't such a big change for my body. Maybe? I'd like to think so anyway.

If you'd like to follow along and take a peek at what I'm eating, I post a ridiculous amount of pictures of my Whole30 meals on my Instagram. I'll probably post more about it here on the blog on occasion...BUT if you need regularly, almost-in-real-time-updated pictures of my food, I recommend following me there. Haha!

Oh, Instagram food pictures... so cliche, but still SO irresistible.
Wish me luck!


  1. You made me snort-laugh with the second paragraph, awesome comparison lol. Love this! I will definitely need to follow you on Instagram because I love whole food inspiration! These all look so yummy too.

    Also, I totally have the itch to throw everything out of my house too. It just feels so much better and when you know you're gonna be spending lots of time there, you definitely don't want to feel overwhelmed by lots of stuff!

  2. I have wanted to try the Whole 30 but I don't think my family would survive because
    1- They can be a little picky
    2- I think I would be grumpy without my occasional dose of bacon

    Thanks for sharing. I look forward to following along!

    1. Good news! You can definitely have bacon, so long as it's not sweetened with anything. Hooray!

      But the picky thing? Yeah, I can't help you there. My family is SO picky! I make pretty-much completely separate meals for me and my family, and it's not the easiest thing ever, so I totally get that one!

    2. What?! Bacon is okay?! Seriously?! Sign me up! LOL


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