I'm Married to a Photographer

Oh, hey there! Remember me? I'll be back to tell you about my lack of presence around here, but in the meantime...here are some pictures to look at while you wait.

My sister and her hubby asked me to snap some "family pictures" for them a few weeks ago. I jump all over any chance I get to take photos for other people because I really like it. We did everything from the serious to the cheesy (we took pictures on SWINGS, people.) and I loved every minute of the tenderness and goofy giggles.

Can I explain something, though? My husband is a professional photographer. He loves shooting weddings, so that's mostly what he shoots to provide for our family financially, along with whatever other opportunities he wants to take advantage of along the way. But he also actually just LOVES photography, and has hobby-photography projects to keep things interesting for him from a hobby-standpoint. He is skilled because he pays attention to the artistic side of photography AND the scientific side of photography. "Obsessed" would be an appropriate way of describing his love of photography, but it also has kind of a negative connotation...so I will tell you that he is passionate about it. Haha. He lives and breathes photography, and would probably eat it, too...if that was a thing.

So...then there's me. I love photography, and always have enjoyed taking photos. BUT! It is truly just a hobby for me, another way to be creative and make something beautiful. Or try, at least! So if you ever ask if I'm a photographer, I will say NO...even though I have a fairly good idea of what I'm doing and like taking on photography shoots here and there...because the title of "photographer" in this house definitely goes to the man hunched over the bathtub, hand-developing his black and white film, and making me look at each one of the negatives like I can actually tell what they are going to look like in real life...like he can. Haha!

This blog isn't necessarily a 'photography blog,' but in keeping with my desire to make it an inspiring, authentic, uplifting and creative space...enjoy these pictures of my good-looking relatives as they let me have my creative outlet, and practice a skill I want to improve on.

Hope you get a chance to do something you love today, too, even if it's something at which you don't feel like you excel.
Today I may also sit down at the piano and actually practice something...believe me, I need to practice! Eep.


  1. I love it. I love your pictures and your description of Darren. You both make incredibly beautiful photos.

  2. Your description of Darren is hilarious. Evan's like that over his animation and comics... I'm like... WHAT?! I have no idea what you're talking about.

    You took some gorgeous pictures here Laura. Very well done.

    Wishing you a lovely week.


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