Foodie Friday: Sweet Mixed-Nut Butter

Foodie Friday again! I'm honestly so excited to try this one; Lauren had me at the word Sweet. I mean, seriously, nut butter is awesome and all...but SWEET nut butter!? ...I'm yours, and I'm drooling (hawwt combo, right?).

And although it's kind of tempting to just call this blog "Lauren's Yummy Food" and peace-out, I promise I haven't totally disappeared, and actually have a slew of blog posts up my sleeve just dyyying to actually get finished and published. You are stuck with me! Ha! Sorry about that...

So while I go attempt to exercise and write my way out of a two-week-long weird funk (best therapy!), enjoy yet another one of Lauren's delicious recipes! Sweet, sweet nut butter...



Before I did a Whole30, I was always intimidated to make my own nut butter. I had a couple failed attempts with peanut butter and almond butter, and one kind-of successful homemade Nutella.

Once I started doing Whole30's and had to say goodbye (but only temporarily) to my beloved peanut butter, I wanted more options than just plain old nut butters. I found the original recipe (that I've adapted mine from) from Little Coconutty. Her Sweet Cashew Pecan Butter is amazing. I've made it multiple times, Whole30 or not!

One day I didn't have enough pecans or cashews to make it, so I subbed in some other nuts and the result was just as good. I love the flavour of hazelnuts and the soft, fatty goodness of macadamias, so they were obvious add-ins.

This recipe will work with whatever kind of nuts you have around, I'm sure, just as long as they add up to three cups! Make sure you buy your nuts raw, if possible, not commercially salted or roasted; that usually includes additives you don't want.

So here is my recipe, very much inspired by Little Coconutty!

Sweet Mixed Nut Butter

1/2 cup hazelnuts
3/4 cup pecans
3/4 cup macadamias
1 cup cashews
5 Tbsp melted coconut oil, divided
4 soft, pitted Medjool dates
1 tsp cinnamon
pinch or two of salt, to taste

Set your oven to 350 and spread all the nuts over a baking sheet. Bake for 10-15 minutes, or until nice and golden brown. Watch them! I swear nuts go from nicely brown to completely scorched in like three seconds.

Once you take them out, let them cool. And also try not to eat all of them.

In your high powered blender or food processor, mix 3 Tbsp of the melted coconut oil with the dates. Add the nuts, cinnamon and salt and blend. You may have to stop your blender to push the nut butter down occasionally. Keep doing this and blending until the nut butter blends smoothly through (you may have to add a little bit more coconut oil to make this happen). Give it a taste and add cinnamon or salt if needed.

Store it in a mason jar. I don't know when it goes bad, because it always goes fast in this house. We eat it on apples, bananas, strawberries, pancakes and waffles and right off the spoon. Enjoy!


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