February 2016 Goal

Since January was a pretty intense month for goal-setting/goal-accomplishing, I thought I'd chill out a little and do an easier goal this month.

February's Goal in My Healthiest Year Yet Challenge is: Drink one green smoothie (or green juice) a day.

Now when I say "green smoothie," I'm not necessarily referring to colour. I'm referring to content! My plan was to consume, one smoothie that has leafy greens all blended up inside(...or juice some greens and other things into a delectable green juice). Sometimes the smoothie actually turns out green! Other days I add berries and it definitely turns out more purple-y...or other weird colours. Ha!

I enjoy green smoothies... so the effort here for me is not in choking them down, the effort is in the consistency. Bonus: I have some favourite green smoothie recipes and I'll share a few with you soon!

But while we're on the topic of greens, lets marvel at their superpowers.

Seriously, though, right!? It seems like every time I'm reading about an incredible nutrient that does our body good (disease prevention, basic functioning, healing, etc), the list of foods that contain that vital nutrient almost ALWAYS say "dark leafy green vegetables." They are such a powerhouse of nutrition! And with good nutrition from whole food sources comes all sorts of amazing health benefits that we don't even understand...something about getting whole, real food into our body creates this synergistic magic while they have their own party in there and go to work nourishing our cells. *Pardon me while I geek out on how amazing food does amazing things for our amazing bodies. Gaaaah, it's so cool.*

Anyways, here are some quick internet reads on some benefits of eating your greens. Also enjoy the pictures of my green juice from today with totally irrelevant tulips and tulip petals. THEY WERE ALL SO PRETTY TOGETHER!
Be back soon with an update of how it all went!

Mercola.com- Leafy Greens Essential for Immune Regulation and Tumor Resolution
WebMD.com- Top 10 Leafy Green Vegetables
World's Healthiest Foods- Collard Greens, Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Romaine Lettuce, etc, etc.
The Truth About Cancer- The Cancer-Fighting Benefits of Leafy Greens
Tedx Talk- Minding Your Mitochondria by Dr. Terry Wahls
DermaDoctor- How Greens Gave Me My Glow Back


  1. Your green juice/smoothie sounds like a great challenge.

    I feel like I need a diet/health reset. I have not been eating good since Christmas. I seriously need to evaluate what's going on because it's never just the food... there's always something more going on.

    Thanks for the inspiration Laura.

  2. great goal. i can totally get behind that! love my green juice something fierce!


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