Monday Musings

This kid has radar for when I'm up early enjoying my solitude. I keep her occupied with snacks.

Monday Musings:

-I'm trying to eat more plants. (Chocolate is a plant, right? #superoriginaljoke) As a result I've learned that Ezekiel Bread is actually pretty darn good, especially as toast. I was kind of surprised!

-I've had a cold coming on for days. I was managing to keep it at bay, but this morning it finally starting kicking my butt. Busted out my best weapon tonight: honey-lemon tea. It's just fresh lemon juice and honey in hot water but daaaang does it ever feel good sliding down a scratchy throat...

-I love the dollarstore. And I hate it. Does anyone else have this conflict? I mean, I just got three bins, tortilla chips, paper towel, and a treat for our family night for, like, eight bucks and it's awesome. But I also just helped further underpaid workers in sweatshops in China where the things I bought are made of POISON, probably. Or at least that's what the media tells me. Hence my inner conflict. Tell me anything and I'll believe you...probably.

-I give my family smoothies once a day for sure. Either as a meal, a snack, or a side-to-a-meal. This is actually just because I have one child in particular that is sooo picky. SOOOO picky. Like, the only reason he doesn't get scurvy is because I feed him frozen raspberries and bananas with an unreal amount of honey, squeeze of lime juice, and sometimes spinach blended up into something that tastes remarkably like temporarily staved-off mom guilt.

-My goal this week is to work on my habit of waking up before my kids for some quiet soul-feeding time. I know I have blabbed and failed about this before, but I cannot find any other way or time to make it work and so I persist! Honestly, my days are SO much better when I start them with a little reading and meditative prayer and just silence. But it's Monday and it didn't happen this morning, so things are going real good, thanks for asking. But! Tomorrow is another day, as they say!

-The two books I'm reading now are Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery (for book club) and Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder (because I needed something to do while waiting for my daughter to fall asleep holding my hand and got hooked. The food, people! Drool). Clearly my children's lit game is strong right now.

-The podcast I'm really enjoying right now is Pantsuit Politics. It's two smart, level-headed women who represent both ends of the political spectrum (left and right) and discuss American politics with warmth and kindness...and without putting their friendship in jeopardy. It's AMAZING for their chemistry in that way alone. It's also interesting and informative and makes politics accessible. The only (kind of ) con is that it's one of those I have to listen to when everyone's in bed because I want to really pay attention. It's not just one of those good-background-noise podcasts. Anyways, had to share!

Hope your Monday treated you well and kicked off your week with a bang!


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