10 Observations from One(+) Month of No Social Media

It has officially been approximately six weeks since I 'left' social media in the dust. 

(To recap: I have indefinitely deleted my Instagram app and don't use it...and have deactivated my Facebook account, all in the name of listening to my gut and inner wisdom about what I need right now...and reclaiming something I felt like slipped away every time I 'just popped onto' my social media accounts. I still have Pinterest, though...because I still like to decorate my house in my imagination all by myself sometimes okaaay.)


In honor of my one month anniversary, here are some things I've noticed:

1) I do not miss it, weirdly. 

2) I am glad I didn't just take a fast or break for a month or two. Deciding to 'leave' indefinitely has felt different, like an intentional decision to change something about the way I live from here on out, not just a little vacation while still mentally planning posts and taking pictures with sharing in mind for 'when I am back.'

3) I enjoy socializing so much more. I have more sustained energy for it; I don't burn out on people! I am much more present during in-person interactions because, like, this is it! This is all the people-ing I get, I better enjoy them people! I feel like a better in-person friend because of it.

4) I live out my day and find simple pleasure in things that previously felt soul suckingly boring. I think before I found the daily grind was something to escape from, like I needed a break from doing the dishes to disappear into the glitter of the scroll for a few minutes. Now I just enjoy doing the dishes while being alone with my thoughts or chatting with my kids or listening to an audiobook/podcast. I have nowhere else to be and here is just lovely.

5) Service in the community and beyond is more gratifying. I don't know why. Maybe because it's just so very super anonymous to the internet? I don't know. I never really posted/shared about stuff like that before, but I feel no pressure to 'prove I'm doing enough' for the causes I love. I just do what I can for the people and causes I love, the end.

(Sometimes I still crop my photos into squares because habits.)

6) I'm easier to interrupt, I don't feel as resentful being pulled away from what I'm doing, which in turn makes me less annoyed with my kids---and they've noticed (uncomfortable chuckle).

7) I do more of the soul-nourishing things I enjoy, more often. I read more books, talk about real issues with friends face to face, go play outside with my kids, write more deeply, laugh with people I love, dance more ridiculously/spontaneously, play around with writing music again, and have the patience and energy to teach my kids how to do stuff like cook and clean. 

8) I feel lighter: easier, breezier, more resilient...like this soothing breeze has space to circulate around the fissures of my time and mental/emotional processing.

9) I do sometimes get curious about what so-and-so is up to these days...but then I either check myself because it's not true interest, just snoopiness, or I am truly interested and just contact them directly to see how they're doing ("Hey! I was just thinking of you; how are your house renos going?")...which feels more personal and connective anyways, soo...

10) I enjoy movies and shows more now! Probably because I *actually watch them* instead of playing around on my phone and glancing up 37% of the time. I feel like the people who put the care into the art form of filmmaking appreciate it. 


So there you have it. Some of these things have surprised the heck out of me; I'm glad! I expected to miss it more and have more withdrawals, but all it has taken to scratch a social media itch is any of the following: reaching out to a friend in real life to say hi, asking a friend in real life for advice about some issue (no more polling the masses), or making plans to hang out for a walk or outdoor chat...and the itch is scratched in a way that feels way more satisfying anyways. 

So far: I'm a fan. 

Let's see where I'm at in 3 months, shall we? Like maybe I'll be in straight up Granny Status, deep in the love of my garden, crocheting blankets for new babies while listening to talk radio, reading aloud to my children, and sending letters to my government officials. (Sigh!) Sounds sooo dreamy, right?

Until then, love you.


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