What a 30-year-old Mom of Three Does With Free Time.

By way of background info, my entire family (parents, siblings, hubby) gave me a couple days and a night away, all to myself as my 30th Birthday present. Amazing, right? They bought the room for the night, and tag-teamed taking care of the kids while I was gone...plus a little extra spending money (Thanks, sweet Hubby!).

My mom came by and picked up my kids, and my hubby and mom collectively booted me out of the house at 9am on Tuesday morning, with instructions to not come back until sometime Wednesday evening.

So first thing I did? I worked out. I ran to the gym before I changed my mind and exercised without looking at the clock to make sure I got back before kids woke up, or my husband had to get back to work, or whatever. I worked out as long as I felt like I needed to, taking time to really stretch at the end, slowly and intentionally. And I treated myself to a giant green smoothie at the end. It felt so good.

I got ready in the change room there, dolled myself up...and took myself shopping. I drove to the nearest giant mall and walked around leisurely and aimlessly. I bought a book to read (endlessly perusing everything else at the bookstore, of course), bought a cute new jacket, and stopped at a natural spa store to get bath stuff and yummy smelling aromatherapy stuff for my planned bath later that night. I ate lunch, delicious greek food that made my breath stink for nobody, while it was hot, without hurrying...and while people-watching.

I went to drop off a baby gift at a friend's house who lives in a beautiful area, and drove around for a while after enjoying the scenery of the area. I dreamed about living in a big house in the country where I could invite everyone I knew, all the time, to come visit and stay and play.

I drove to the hotel to check in, and flopped on the bed and lay there for a few minutes just because. I flipped on the TV (we don't have cable at home) to watch a little country music and Ellen while I organized the stuff that I'd brought.

I shut the TV off and started my new book. I wrote some poems (SO rusty) and played/sang songs with my ukulele. I sang familiar ones, and made up a few silly ones, and it was awesome. I tried to decide whether to go to a fancy restaurant by myself...or take my book and just camp out at a fast-food restaurant booth with no servers interrupting me or rushing me along as I ate and read. The latter won out, despite my love of delicious/genuine food. Ha.

After dinner, I walked back to the hotel and watched a home reno show while I painted my fingernails, and started my hot bath running. When it was ready, I loaded it with all sorts of relaxing aromatherapy, put on some music I love, and climbed in with my book...and siiiiiiiighed.

After my bath, I laid around um...naked(!)... and read my book. I climbed into bed (with my jammies on!) around 10:30.

I automatically woke up at 6:30, the regular time my kids wake me up (thanks a lot, body clock)...but refused to get up and fell back asleep in the early morning light until around 8ish.

I brewed some chamomile tea...and I tried yoga! I have a rough relationship with yoga...I am NOT flexible, and my mind races all the time. I always feel anxious in classes because I am so terrible at it...but I love the idea, and it's so relaxing for so many, that I wanted to give it a shot by myself. I YouTubed a short, beginner's yoga video (this one, in fact)...and I loved it! It was just simple enough to not make me feel like a total moron, and SO nice and relaxing. Yoga win!

I ate breakfast downstairs at the hotel, then went back upstairs for the good stuff: the time to soul-search and have some quiet deep-thinking time. I read scripture, prayed, wrote about where I was at in life and where I wanted to be. I set goals for myself, for the person I wanted to be, the wife I wanted to be, the mother I wanted to be, etc. And got myself grounded again in the direction I wanted to be heading with my life. I felt so...fed after that.

I checked out of the hotel and made my way to a car wash where I cleaned out the car. Weird, I know, but it was so nice to give it a reeeeally good wash and vacuum, and not have to do it around a schedule or impatient little feet climbing around the car.

I found a cute coffee shop with comfy chairs, ordered the HUGEST dark hot chocolate I could, and snuggled in to sip and read. I walked to the cutest crepe store...and totally ordered the s'mores dessert crepe. As lunch. YUMMM....

I drove to meet a best friend for a pedicure, where we chatted and laughed and enjoyed every bit of that foot scrub/massage/painting. We parted with pretty toes, and I made my way back to the temple of my religion, the most peaceful place I know, where I served for a couple hours in the beauty and quiet...reflecting on spiritual things, and thinking of my sister. She felt close. I cried lots. It was cathartic.

I attended an essential oils information session that my friend was putting on that night which was full of yummy oils, good food, and great company...before heading home to my sweet hubby, all refreshed and renewed...who looked way cuter than I left him... ;)

So that was it. And it was the best 30th birthday present, EVER.
...I may need a mini version for my 30 1/2 birthday...ha!

Thank you for your input on what to do! It seriously helped me narrow down my massive list of what I COULD be doing with that time. You are the best!

Here's to the next 30 years!


  1. This sounds amazing. And you're amazing. And the gift was amazing. Thank you so much! (Ash is pretty happy about it, too! His favourite are sweater jumpers!

  2. WOW! Sounds like thee perfect day! Awesome.

  3. Please, please, please tell Evan I need this for my 30th! Pleeeeeeassssse!

    This sounds like an amazingly perfect retreat! Beautiful, lovely, perfect.

    I had no idea you played the ukulele.

    You're awesome. So glad you had a wonderful retreat.

    1. LOL - wishful thinking. I meant 40th! Yeesh.

      Anyway, I came back here to let you know I did a big solid hint to him. Well, no, it wasn't a hint. I told him I needed this and to tell all our family that I wanted a night away for my 40th. Praying he takes the hint!

    2. Haha! I'm so glad he got a good, solid hint...I hope you get it!!! Really, I think every mama needs one!


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