November Goal

Okay! Here it is! My goal for November in My Healthiest Year Yet.

It may be 5 days late, but no judging mind. I have no decent excuses. Ha!

This photo (and awesome pants) are from a day of training for a 10km run my sister, aunt and I did shortly after my sister died. It felt so good to work hard for that in her memory. 

One of the reasons I've been delaying this post is because I've been struggling to pin down exactly what I wanted to work on this month. The past two months have been pretty easy, as both goals (Completing a Whole30 in September and Waking Up Earlier in October) were ones I'd been eager to focus on for a while. I've been reading The China Study (and loving it!) so my eating habits are currently evolving and improving in the background as a result...but I just wasn't feeling another food-related goal for this month. 

What I think I've been needing is an exercise goal. When I came to that conclusion, my inner whiny voice started up: I'm too busy, too tired, too overwhelmed, too EVERYTHING to focus on exercise right now! Waaaaaaah...

But listen up, whiny voice! The fact that I am dragging my feet (for no truly good reason) on something that I already know benefits me in more ways than just the physical ones is a good indicator that I NEED IT. I need me some endorphins, people! Especially with daylight fading fast around this Canadian Great White North. I need some sweat-generated 'sunlight' in my system.

Mountains. Because they are inspiring.

And because a goal needs to be specific and measurable, this is my "official" goal this month:
My November goal is to do 20 minutes of formal exercise, five times a week. 

That might sound like a bit much right off the bat, but because I'll probably be doing it in the mornings on weekdays, I know I'll be more successful if it's an every-day, routine thing instead of "am I exercising tomorrow? Maybe I'll do it Tuesday instead..." I'll also include my kids when I can, but am using the word "formal" to clarify that wandering around my house carrying my chubby baby for 20mins does NOT count. Haha!

The following list of benefits is what I'm reminding my whiny-self of at the moment! And honestly, these are things we all know-know-a-thousand-times, nothing brand new. However, when I have moments where I'm forgetting all the good and focusing on the hard, reminders of what amazing things can happen from my efforts are always uplifting and encouraging. 

So see here, Whiny-Pants-Me (yep, I'm five), this is why you are focusing on an exercise goal this month:

Sleep! When you exercise regularly, you will probably fall asleep more easily, and your sleep will be deeper and more restful.

Energy! I don't really get it (though I'd really like to)...but it's so true! When you exercise (read: expend more energy) you actually GET more energy throughout the day in return. Maybe it has to do with the deeper sleep? Either way, can you really afford to turn away that kind of opportunity!? FOUR KIDS, lady.

Clearer mind! I know, I know, sometimes you get such a scrambled brain. Exercise helps you to focus, allows you time to think through things, and gives you a way to challenge your mind and master your thoughts. All good things!

Mood booster! Exercise had been proven to be at least as effective (sometimes more) as medication at treating mild to moderate depression. Immunize yo-self!

Stress reliever! Exercise is a generally healthy way to expel pent-up tension. Shake it off!

Healthy heart and Lungs! Get that heart muscle strong and those lungs more effective...because the better your body is at transporting oxygen and nutrients to where they need to go, the better chance you have of fighting off chronic and deadly diseases like cancer (ew!), heart disease (yuck!), and the likes (get lost!).

Muscles! When you work out your muscles, you actually damage them a little...but it's a good thing! In moderation, anyways. It means that your body gets to repair them, making them a little better and stronger than before. It means holding your babies now, and lifting grandbabies with ease later.

Bones! Weight training actually adds density to your bones, makes them stronger. Your future elderly self will thank you for lifting heavy things as a youngin'.

Metabolism! While muscle tissues rest, they actually burn more calories just sitting there than fat tissues do5/ just sitting there in your body. Trade 'em up so that your body is working all-around more efficiently.

Healthy glow! I don't know if it's the sheen of sweat or the improved blood flow...but daaaaang, girl....

Do you have any to add? Wish me luck! And I'd love to hear your goal for this month if you feel like sharing! Remember that you can always jump in on My Healthiest Year Yet; every month is a fresh start!

As always, posting progress on Instagram (my fave)!

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