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How to Choose Curriculum (The Process)

  Oh man.  "How do I know what curriculum to choose?" is one of the questions I get the most commonly when chatting with friends who are just starting out on their Homeschool adventure. The short answer: I have no idea. Luckily, the long answer is a little more helpful (haha). I've tried to think about how I, personally, go about choosing, and I have a system that I consistently, intuitively follow each year so I'm going to attempt to crystallize it into a few steps and a few questions to ask yourself as you go if you want to follow a similar decision making route. 1) Start with 5 words/phrases You will make the whole process so much easier on yourself if you start with your end goal for the year in mind (NOT for their whole schooling career, please don't stress yourself out like that). Just take this year in hand and heart and get a little quiet inside. There are a million possibilities for what a homeschool year can look like, so get honest about what THIS year

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