10 Past Posts!

This is kind of a fake post.

Well, not really FAKE, but it might be cheating a little. I just wanted to re-share a few old posts that I've been re-reading lately...so THAT's what this post is, just posting some oldies.

This year so far has been pretty much entirely posts on my Healthiest Year Yet Goals...(I'm behind on those...I'll be doing all the updates in one post soon!)...and while I love sharing those and being accountable to you, I always love writing and sharing things that run a little deeper than that.

Have you read the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert? It's amazing. So inspiring! She personifies creativity a lot to help explain her thoughts on how creativity works and enriches our respective lives...and while that element was a little 'much' for me at times, the underlying messages were totally what I have needed to hear lately in the living-a-creative-life-regardless-of-your-excuses department, particularly with writing. I don't know if that will translate to more writing here, or just more writing behind the scenes in general, but I just know I need to write...and so I will!

SOoo...while I figure that out, here are some past posts from this here bloggity blog to peruse:

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